BLS Training Program for Auto Drivers

QHEALTH4U, Platform of NABH Hospitals of the Country has been regularly organizing campaigns on Basic Life Support in various areas of Chennai. They have now felt that it is highly important that the auto drivers are trained in Basic Life Support as they are the first to extend a hand of support during most of the emergency situations like road accidents, cardiac arrest, etc. To make the auto drivers aware of this major initiative from the Government and to train them to render emergency help to victims of road accidents and even those who have suffered sudden cardiac arrests, drowning or choking, leading to stoppage of breathing, QHEALTH4U has embarked on this campaign.This BLS program for auto drivers is to be conducted at Corporation Girls Higher Secondary School, Pulla Avenue, Shenoy Nagar on May 13, between 11 am to 1 pm by the Emergency Team from one of the prominent NABH Hospitals in the area Apollo Hospital at Vanagaram.The auto drivers who participate in the program will also get a free health check from the Apollo team. Participants will get a “Good Samaritan Certificate” which can be displayed in their auto.

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