‘Bystander’ BLS Training Programs by QHEALTH4U

QHEALTH4U, Platform of NABH Hospitals of the Country has launched a campaign to get maximum people in and around Anna Nagar trained in ‘Bystander’ Basic Life Support (BLS).To make people aware of this major initiative from the Government and to train bystanders to render emergency help to victims of road accidents and even those who have suffered sudden cardiac arrests, drowning or choking, leading to stoppage of breathing, QHEALTH4U has embarked on this campaign. The objective is to get as many from the public as possible aware of how to do CPR – Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation and revive the breathing of a victim when professional medical help is not around. The Organisers announced that anyone interested in learning BLS would need to just log on to www.qualityhealth.in  or call 1800 425 2340 to get registered for a free BLS Training that would be carried out in an NABH Hospital in their area.

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